My Highest Literary High

Here is some info on the event I ran this month. Thanks to Julia Pope for mentioning it on her blog!


I had heard so much about this event last year.  When I did, it had already happened. Therefore, I had to wait an entire year to go–to Romancing the Smokies.  It is an author-reader event for those who write and/or read romance.  It can even be for those who just love to read and want to be around those who are like-minded.

I don’t consider it an accident that the first night of this event was on St. Patrick’s Day. Since I don’t celebrate this holiday, I didn’t have any green.  Anticipating this event, and wanting to be congenial, I bought some: a headband and a few beaded green necklaces.


Not long after getting there, at the Airport Hilton, I indulged in a green doughnut–because after all, it was St. Patrick’s Day, and I was happy to be around other creative people. While nibbling on it, I met future romance…

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