The New TV Season

Okay, let’s admit it.  There is too much TV out there now.  In my day, I followed 3 channels.  ABC, NBC, and CBS.  In recent years, I watch mostly CBS.  But, I digress.  We have a whole new season out there and we should talk about it.

Old shows:  NCIS is still #1 in ratings and in my heart.  Poor Tony is taking Ziva’s departure hard.  I do wish that Gibbs would begin to lighten up a bit.  I saw an old rerun of the first show and he wasn’t quite so…Gibbs.

Shows I waited on to return: Big Bang Theory, Face Off and Grimm. 

I love the Big Bang Theory!  The first few episodes have been as good as ever.  GO HOWARD!  Why does this actor never get an Emmy nod?  Is everyone really that jealous?  Simon Helberg should have an Emmy for each season and this past season he should have 2, even though that’s not exactly possible…

Face Off has not let me down at all.  I love that Tate is doing so well.  I’m disappointed in Roy.  He’s so good but needs to really show it.  My prediction?  The top 3 will be Miranda, Tate, and Laura, who will win.  I don’t see–unless something drastic happens–Roy moving to the top 3, and that’s sad because he’s my favorite. 

Grimm’s first show was a little better than mediocre, but I think we’ll see better stuff this season.  I was disappointed at the ending of the premier, but the previews look really good.  I think by the end of the season, I’ll be juiced again!

Shows premiers that I looked forward to:

Sleepy Hollow.  I am still extremely intrigued.  It’s on my don’t miss list.  And, the casting, especially Crane, is impeccable.

Dracula.  I am SO disappointed.  The ending of the first show had Van Helsing as Dracula’s ally.  No.  I bought all the other changes, but that one, no.  I’m not really impressed with the actor playing him.  He’s a great actor but sorry, just didn’t like him in this part. 

The one show that I was not waiting on and am now hooked to the point that today I watched all 5 new episodes on demand is the Blacklist.  I don’t understand how this big screen quality show will be able to continue because their budget must be massive.  James Spader is fabulous!!!!

That’s the new season for me: how about you?


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  1. Donna Wright

    Okay, I want to update you on my feelings about the TV season. I have given Dracula a second chance and it is definitely getting better. Give it another chance if you felt like I did. Also, Grimm’s second show was much better.

    Roy made the top 3!!!! And, the Face Off finale was fabulous with Laura winning as predicted.

    Of course, Big Bang and Sleepy Hollow are still doing great!

    Let me know how you feel about TV this season!

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